Metropolitan Center for Independent Living

The Ramp Program

Ramp ProgramFor almost 20 years the ramp program has had the success in providing safe, affordable modular ramps and special steps for over 5,000 homes in the metro area. The award winning ramp manual “how to build RAMPS for home accessibility” provides the basic information and planning to meet local building codes and design a ramp for single –family homes.

Many community organizations have adopted the ramp program to assist a neighbor or friend who faces architectural barriers to their home. The Vet Volunteers have taken on a number of ramps to help a fellow vet in need of ramp. With MCIL drafting the plans, approval from the local building inspector and the volunteers the ramp was completed in two days.  Pictured: vets building a ramp in West St. Paul.

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The Mission of the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living is to assist people with disabilities to fulfill their desire to lead productive self-determined lives.