Metropolitan Center for Independent Living

Ramp Project

Ramp Project

MCIL’s award winning manual “how to build RAMPS for home accessibility” offers guidance in design and planning for safe access to single-family homes.MCIL’s ramp1manual provides step-by step instructions for construction.The unique modular design is detailed to allow the construction to be pre-built off site and then delivered and assembled where it is needed.The ramps or steps can be temporary or permanent to meet your needs.

In addition the Ramp Project has developed a DVD showing different needs and purposes for safe access. 





The Ramp Manual and DVD are sold at $20.00 (U.S. Currency) each.To purchase the ramp manual, simply send a check payable to:


530 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN 55101

For more information, please contact:

530 Robert Street North
St Paul, MN 55101  
Voice: 651-646-8342
Fax: 651-603-2006

The Mission of the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living is to assist people with disabilities to fulfill their desire to lead productive self-determined lives.